Salon Specials

FREE Haircut & Eyebrow Wax!?

What would YOU do for a FREE haircut & eyebrow wax?

Would you share these pictures on ALL of your social media pages? Make sure your name is attached.

Would you save a copy to your computer & print a page or 10 to take to work? Don’t forget to add your name to the referral card.

The more that ALL of you help share the word about and the more people that schedule an appointment on the website & tell us when they come in that YOU sent them and they spend $20.00 or more on any service or services the more FREE #haircuts & #eyebrow waxes you will receive.

For EVERY 5 New clients that come in & tell us YOU sent them you will get a FREE  #haircut. IF you can get 10 people to come in from your referral in 1 month or 30 days not only will you get a FREE cut but you will also get a FREE  #eyebrowwax

And what is even more exciting is that each of those referrals that come in when they leave they can then start their own Fiu Fiu Salon referral fun so that hopefully their next haircut will be FREE too.

BC back

BC front



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