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Making Aging A Worthwhile Process

Aging is an inevitable process that human beings go through. Wrinkles, memory loss, and risk of ailments like heart disease, osteoporosis, an other ailments may develop as people age. In addition to these changes, one’s metabolism may slow down, which leads to the need to avoid consumption of certain food. Some internal organs like the… Continue reading Making Aging A Worthwhile Process

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Menopause And Osteoporosis

We know that our bodies require calcium and vitamin D in order to build and maintain powerful bones. According to his recent book entitled, “Preventing and Reversing Osteoporosis,” by Dr. Alan Gaby, it takes more vitamins than we think to prevent brittle bones including Vitamins K and B; as well as minerals such as magnesium,… Continue reading Menopause And Osteoporosis

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Healthy Eating For A Healthier More Beautiful You

The film “Upsize Me” clearly showcases what America has been doing to itself in the recent years, killing their body with an unhealthy lifestyle fuelled by greasy, carbo-laden junk food. While diets and healthy eating are greatly promoted and followed nowadays, the allure of burgers, pizzas, milkshakes and fries just couldn’t be ignored; there is… Continue reading Healthy Eating For A Healthier More Beautiful You

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Improve Your Life Naturally

There’s always room for improvement. We’ve all heard this phrase; some of us may have been given this advice by well-meaning friends or family. Do you need to make changes in your career, your love life, your health? Whatever your need, there really is room for improvement for most of us. One area that you… Continue reading Improve Your Life Naturally